Ferrera Farms Naturals Bee the Best Supplements

The power of the bees to support your dog’s health

We travelled to the jungles of Brazil to find the exotic Red Propolis, a product of the honey bees that is rich in antioxidants and isoflavonoids. We then combined this ingredient, which the honey bees use as a natural immune layer for the bee hives, with a blend of natural herbs used in eastern medicine, to create the powerful Bee The Best supplement line.
Bee The Best was developed under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Lee, a renowed american veterinarian and international lecturer on animal nutrition and holistic medicine.

FFN Bee the Best Hip and JointFFN Bee the Best Hip and Joint
FFN Bee the Best RelaxingFFN Bee the Best Relaxing
FFN Bee the Best Gentle Skin BlendFFN Bee the Best Gentle Skin Blend
FFN Bee the Best ImmunityFFN Bee the Best Immunity