USA Antlers

Antlers are naturally shed.They are a great long lasting chew for your canine companion. Antlers are a great source of beneficial calcium,phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese.

All Ferrera Farms Naturals items are 100% natural, containing no preservatives,
artificial flavors or colors.

Crown AntlersCrown Antlers
4-5 Split Antler4-5 Split Antler
5-6 Split Antler5-6 Split Antler
6-8 Split Antler6-8 Split Antler
8-10.5 Split Antler8-10.5 Split Antler
4-5 Whole Antler4-5 Whole Antler
5-6 Whole Antler5-6 Whole Antler
6-8 Whole Antler6-8 Whole Antler
8-10.5 Whole Antler8-10.5 Whole Antler